Thursday, October 14, 2010

In order to put together a interesting view of the city, I needed to come up with a history.

The founder was the first person to consider for this story. In general the city would be started by a large band of people all following one man far form there homes and out in to the wilds of this their world. This one man simply named "holyman" ( unless/until a better name is created ) is the center of my attention right now.

He started out as a normal human with perhaps something that made him stand out , some kind of large hat as it were. this seemed a little scary, he should be someone the people want to follow. Robes were the next obvious choice but they felt sort of boring.

I played around with him a bit more and it started to turn ugly. I considered what he would look like with some large gross bumps and weird "horned" growths, but again this was horrible and scary. However this turned in to my final design -- the large plague like bumps all over his body were just that , but they had a beneficial purpose.

And then I covered it all up with robes to keep the common folk from flipping their wigs.

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